Positron Emission Tomography/Computed Tomography Scanner (PET/CT)

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The PET/CT Scanner provides details of disorders at a molecular level (PET) and a detailed image of the body’s anatomy (CT).

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This assists clinicians to diagnose, localise and monitor conditions such as brain disorders, heart disease, brain injury and cancer.

For example, the scanner can help clinicians to more precisely identify the areas of a tumour requiring treatment. This ensures high doses of radiation can be targeted effectively and will help patients, particularly children, avoid many of the long-term impacts of broader radiation therapy.

  • 22cm axial FOV
  • 78cm bore
  • LSO scintillators
  • 128 Slice CT 0.28sec rotation time 
  • Flat scanning palette for radiotherapy applications
  • Full laser positioning system for RT applications
  • Head holders for RT positioning



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