3-Tesla Magnetic Resonance Imaging Scanner (3T MRI)

Siemens Magnetom 3T Prisma

As one of only a few in Australia, the 3T MRI delivers the capacity to conduct cutting-edge neuroimaging research.

Biograph mMR PETMR 3T

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It uses radiofrequency waves and a strong magnetic field to generate detailed images of organs, the functional connectivity of the brain and structural details of soft body tissues such as the eyes, blood vessels, the female reproductive system, bladder, prostate and joints.

The 3T-MRI can be used to detect conditions such as strokes, multiple sclerosis, cancerous tumours and damage to the brain or spinal cord.

  • 60cm bore
  • FOV 50x50x50cm
  • XR Gradients 80 mT/m @ 200 T/m/s
  • Actively shielded gradient system with high performance water-cooling for each gradient axis
  • Tim 4G (204x64 channel)
  • Direct RF technology
  • 64 Channel Head
  • 20 Channel Head/Neck DirectConnect
  • 32 Channel Spine DirectConnect
  • Body 18
  • Peripheral Angio 36
  • Tx/Rx Knee 15
  • Large Shoulder 16
  • Small Shoulder 16
  • Hand/Wrist 16
  • Foot/Ankle 16
  • Large Flex 4
  • Small Flex 4
  • Large Loop (11cm)
  • Small Loop (7cm)
  • Flex Coil Interface
  • Tx/Rx CP Head Coil QED
  • Opto Accoustics Opto Active Noise Control System
  • EyeLink 1000 Plus V5.03
  • Nordic Neuro Lab NeurOne fMRI Presentation System



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